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A Word from our Principal - Week of Celebration

This week is one of the most significant weeks in the Girls Grammar calendar. As a school dating back almost 130 years, we are acknowledged as an educational community with strong traditions and an enduring history. Events like the ones we have held over the past week play a significant role in creating and sustaining our ethos and our sense of community. Furthermore, the ceremony and celebration of these events provides our students with the experience of connectivity that is created when we come together as a group to observe and honour important milestones and achievement.

Year 12 Graduation

On Tuesday evening we hosted our Year 12 Graduation ceremony at the Rockhampton Leagues Club. This evening celebrates our Year 12 students, acknowledges their efforts and achievements and thanks them for the gifts they have brought to the School. It is also a good opportunity to reflect on the Girls Grammar values and characteristics that have had a profound impact on our seniors. These include their respect for learning that allows them to leave as lifelong learners empowered with the skills and confidence to succeed in what is an increasingly complex world. They have also developed confidence, growing into strong, self-assured young women with the world at their feet. Finally, and significantly, they have spent their time at Girls Grammar building connections, establishing friendships and relationships that have not only made our community stronger, but have had a deep impression on their lives and will hopefully provide support and comfort in both the difficulties and joys and celebrations of life. We wish our Year 12s every blessing and good wish as they graduate.

Boarders’ Farewell Dinner

Tuesday evening, we also hosted the Boarders’ Farewell Dinner where the boarding students farewelled the Year 12s. The Year 10s spent a great deal of time planning and did an amazing job of organising a memorable, special evening for the seniors – the venue looked beautiful and the entertainment reinforced the special relationship the boarders have. The boarding house is their home away from home and, throughout their time in boarding, the girls develop a strong sense of sisterhood, looking up to the older girls as their mentors, their confidantes and their friends. The night celebrated the Year 12s’ time in boarding and provided an opportunity for the younger girls to say their farewells and thank them for the important role they have played in supporting and encouraging them.

Year 12 Final Assembly

Wednesday morning, we held a final Year 12 assembly to acknowledge our senior cohort and celebrate their time at Girls Grammar. Traditionally, this is a fun day for the girls where they have a chance to express their creativity through the re-fashioning of the school uniform. We enjoyed looking at their slideshow of happy, funny and unforgettable moments and joining in with them as they sang the school song for one of the final times before they graduate. This, together with the hat throwing ceremony on Thursday morning, provide wonderful memories of Girls Grammar that will stay with the girls throughout their lives.

Girls Rock

Girls Rock, one of the School’s biggest celebrations of performing arts, was held at the Pilbeam Theatre on Wednesday evening. The evening was a great deal of fun as the students and staff showcased the amazing range of talent we have at Girls Grammar. The squeals and cheers as girls perform also highlight the support our girls give each other. Experiences like this help build girls’ confidence and self-efficacy, encouraging girls to take risks, believe in themselves and be proud of their gifts and talents.

Speech Nights

This evening we will hold two Speech Nights, one for primary and one for secondary. Speech Night is the biggest celebration of the year, showcasing the variety and depth of achievements of Girls Grammar’s many generous, talented and hard-working students. It is lovely to see so many members of our community come together to celebrate the year we have had and to congratulate our students on their many successes. There are many, many people involved in the organisation and coordination of the evening and I am very grateful to them for their commitment and energy. Special mention must go to the team who oversaw and coordinated the events, including my PA, Ms Wendy Sheppard, our Deputy Principal – Studies, Dr John Fry and the Community and Marketing Liaison Officer, Mrs Rachel Hinton for the many hours of work dedicated to preparing for both evenings. Thanks must also go to the staff who worked with the girls on the variety of performances, choirs and presentations. I would also like to thank our guest speakers, Lacey Smith for presenting at the Primary Speech Night and Justine Barrett (Daniels) for speaking at the Secondary Speech Night. Our girls and broader community gain so much from hearing our Old Girls return and share their journeys with us.

Year 6 Graduation

Thursday evening, we also celebrate the graduation of our Year 6 students, a rite of passage from primary school into the next phase of the students' educational lives. The graduation of students from Year 6 into secondary school symbolises an important change and transition in the lives of these young women as they depart their primary years and enter high school, with its increased expectations and more independent academic endeavours. It is wonderful to share this milestone with our Year 6 girls and I look forward to initiating them into the secondary school in January.

Celebration and Tradition

It is a privilege to be able to provide our students and their families with these events, experiences and milestones and to be part of a community that enjoys coming together to celebrate talent, recognise achievement and honour traditions.

Deanne Johnston



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