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Boarding Bulletin

This pandemic has impacted boarding and the boarders much more than our day students. We are vigilant with our cleaning, hygiene and sanitising routine. We are restricted with activities and leave off school grounds. Yet we are making the most of the changes. Girls are going for runs, walks, working out and playing cards and games. The vibe around the boarding houses is a positive one. Girls are hanging out together more during this time. We are planning more activities for the weekend. I think we are grateful that we are out getting fresh air in the perfect weather at the moment. I believe most of the girls are more grateful for the simple things. We have fairy lights in our gardens which look lovely outside Kollar. Girls are commenting on how lovely our gardens are looking.

Our busy lives have certainly slowed down with no community or school sport in place and we are looking forward to its return. Hopefully that won’t be too far away. School holidays are around the corner and we are excited to be able to travel within Queensland. Our thoughts are with our resilient and upbeat girls from Papua New Guinea as they spend another break in Australia away from their parents and siblings. These girls haven’t seen their families since January yet they are spreading joy around our boarding community every day. Thank you to all of our families who are supporting our boarding community with the tighter measures in place.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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