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Boarding Bulletin - More Opportunities for our Boarders and Easter Raffle

Coming to boarding school has significantly improved and developed my swimming. Coming to RGGS has allowed me to join a new club and boarding always gets me there on time. They wake up at four in the morning to take me swimming and I am so grateful for this. Coming to RGGS has allowed me to develop my swimming skills and allowed me to excel in my sport. I have represented Capricornia in swimming thanks to RGGS boarding’s dedication to taking me to training in the morning and afternoon.

Makenzi C Year 9

Being a boarder at Girls Grammar has brought so many new and exciting opportunities in sports that I can participate in. Coming from a small outback town it is quite difficult playing sports with the limited number on offer there. Since moving to Girls Grammar in Year 8 I have been able to participate in more than two sports. The sports I compete in are touch, Oz tag, rugby league and rugby union. I have been fortunate enough to be selected to represent Capricornia in rugby league and rugby union. I have also represented the school at All schools Oz tag and All schools touch. Being able to represent the school and region at state championships is amazing.

Ella L Year 11

My name is Saphron and I’m a legacy RGGS boarder. The reputation of a strong academic platform and the inherited family connection is not the only reason that I’m attending RGGS. This school has provided me with the opportunity to train with an elite nationally recognised swimming coach with a program only available in Rockhampton. The RGGS boarding staff supports this unique training sc

hedule by transporting me to eight sessions a week starting as early as 4.30am in the morning.

During my transition I have found values in understanding priorities and the ability to foster connections in living with others. I believe this school is preparing me for my goals to be achieved and I’m just one student among many friends that attend RGGS!

Saphron D Year 9

Last year I started to partake in my certificate for Gymnastics coaching. I am currently working at Victoria Park Gymnastics and I really liking it so far. I love learning new skills and teaching younger students the sport I love. The environment around me is like a family, all of the other coaches there have shown me the ropes and taught me everything. This opportunity was one that I will cherish for a lifetime because not only have I got to experience coaching, but also learning about everyone’s personalities and abilities is valuable. After I finish school, I will probably continue coaching and achieving higher certificates to coach higher levels. This way I can have more knowledge and use it in my future. I am extremely grateful I had this opportunity. Being a Girls Grammar boarder means I have transport to and from gymnastics, and makes it easy to access the sport I enjoy. I didn’t have as much access to gymnastics at home. It is a highlight of my afternoons here at school.

Macee M Year 10

Congratulations to Bridie on winning the Guess the Number of Easter Eggs competition. The correct number was 66. Funds raised go towards Boarders Farewell dinner at the end of the year. Thank you to all that participated.

We say goodbye to Term 1 and head into our well-earned Easter break. Wishing all our girls and families a safe and fun-filled holiday and we look forward to seeing you all recharged and ready to take on Term 2.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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