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Boarding Bulletin - Week 4, Term 1

This weekend we look forward to our Boarders Long weekend. The weekend gives many of our families the opportunity to have their daughters home mid-term. For other boarders, it is a time to get involved in a wide variety of activities on offer (or not). It has been a hot, humid and hectic start to the year and some chilling out will be enjoyed by the girls.

Mrs Johnston and Ms McCarthy are heading out on a Western tour for the weekend touching base with our current, past and future families at small get togethers at Emerald, The Gemfields, Middlemount and Dysart. They will be transporting the girls from those districts home for the weekend.

Next week is Camp week at RGGS and all our Year 6 - 11 boarders will be heading out while our Year 12 girls relish the peace and quiet that an empty boarding house will offer. There are some outings planned for the Year 12 cohort during this time.

Mrs Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding


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