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Celebrating a Girls Grammar Special Milestone: A Word from our Principal

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Dr Fry - 20 year's service to Rockhampton Girls Grammar School

This week we celebrated a very special milestone - the 20th anniversary of one of our esteemed colleagues and a very important member of staff. On behalf of Rockhampton Girls Grammar School, it was an honour to recognise the dedication and hard work of Dr John Fry who has contributed significantly to the success of our School and the many students who he has supported in their academic pursuits over the past 20 years.

Dr Fry’s commitment to excellence and passion for his work, and mathematics in particular, have been an inspiration to us all.

It is not easy to remain dedicated to a single profession, nor one school as an educator for 20 years, but Dr Fry has done just that. His steadfast commitment to Rockhampton Girls Grammar School is a testament to his loyalty, hard work, and dedication to lifelong learning at our school.

Dr Fry has earned the respect and admiration of the many colleagues he has worked alongside, mentored and supported across these past 20 years and he has set a standard of excellence that we can all aspire to.

During assembly and presentation to Dr Fry on his 20 years of service, I shared the thoughts that came to mind, when reflecting on the past two years I have been privileged to work alongside him;

  1. A dedicated runner who wears a bright pink Girls Grammar singlet (and a face that is often a similar colour following a warm Friday afternoon running club).

  2. An avid Broncos fan who is proud of the fact that we were once premiers and will be again, one day….

  3. A lover of all things numbers - it is awe inspiring to see someone become so enthused while working out a calculation. Something that must seem so simple to him, yet unable to be followed by many of the rest of us!

  4. A one of a kind sense of humour. Dry, witty and often hilarious, coming out when you least expect it!

  5. Despite not being a doctor of the medical kind, Dr Fry has played a part in many lifesaving school operations.

  6. A smart, intelligent and funny man with a mischievous smile (and these were words from my 10 year old son).

  7. A face that lights up when talking about artificial intelligence and the potential it has, and no, that does not mean Dr Fry gets to retire if AI takes over the role of educators.

  8. A music lover. But we can’t leave out his favourite flavour…. Vanilla Ice!

Over the past few weeks, staff and students were asked to share their thoughts and feelings about our Dr. Fry and are included below;

There are only a few people I have met that I would describe as having the characteristic traits of a person with ‘integrity’. John Fry is one of these. I have known John for nearly 10 years as a work colleague, and can easily describe John as honest, dependable, trust worthy and professional. 20 years of service is a great accomplishment and his long lasting legacy is well known to both past students & staff and will be felt long after he leaves Girls Grammar.

Throughout the time John and I have worked together, he has been a constant source of stability for the school and myself. We have endured many changes over the years, but John has always been cool, calm and collected throughout! His ability to work a timetable, organise staffing and guide us through report writing is unrivalled!

John is so much fun and lovely to work with. You can always tell when he’s stressed or about to give you bad news because he has a maniacal smile like the Joker!

We, students are incredibly fortunate to have Dr Fry as a member of the Girls Grammar staff. We truly value his contribution of knowledge, enthusiasm, and guidance every day.

Coming to work each day is a gift when you get to work with people like John. His integrity, intelligence, kindness, dedication, humour, and reasoned approach – to just about everything - have an immeasurable impact on those around him. He genuinely embodies the spirit and values of Girls Grammar and inspires us all to do the same.

It is an honour to work alongside someone who has such a strong work ethic. In the past 17 years of your 20 years John, you have played an integral role in the growth and success of my teaching and leadership development. Your contributions have been invaluable. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your help and mentorship and extend my warmest wishes for a happy 20th anniversary at RGGS.

I imagine that right now John is cringing. Firstly, he doesn’t enjoy the spotlight. Secondly, he doesn’t believe that he is deserving of these accolades or praise. Which is the exact reason why he is receiving them in abundance. He is a wonderful mentor and friend. Put simply, the world needs more John Frys.

As Dr Fry celebrates his 20 years of service and enters his 21st Birthday with Girls Grammar we sincerely thank him for his contributions and the positive impact he has on the staff, students and families of our school.

Kara Krehlik



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