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Counsellor's Corner

Do you know your boundaries?

Boundaries are an essential part of our lives. They form who we are, what we are comfortable with, and what we need from those around us.

As adults, we often forget that our young people have boundaries. Often, they are uncomfortable expressing those boundaries, which may come across as talking back, yelling, or meltdowns.

Take a moment to consider your boundaries and those of the people in your life. As often in times of conflict, it is because a boundary was broken.

  • Physical boundaries: Personal space and types of physical contact can change per person.

  • Emotional boundaries: Acknowledging feelings and our process of managing those feelings.

  • Verbal boundaries: Words or even how words are said that may offend us.

  • Time boundaries: The time we have to ourselves or give to others.

  • Work boundaries: Limits and requirements at work that we put in place.

  • Spiritual boundaries: Respectfulness of cultural and spiritual beliefs.

  • Financial boundaries: Who we share money with or the value we put on money.

  • Sexual boundaries: Our beliefs and experience with our sexuality and who we want to be intimate with.

Tamara Wickham

School Counsellor



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