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Curriculum Catch-Up

This week’s assembly was particularly exciting as we announced our award winners for the Secondary School Speech Night. Our award winners are being recognised for a variety of achievements including performance in sport, citizenship, cultural activities, top of subject, second in year and first in year. Whilst we are publicising award winners this week, the announcement of specific prizes will not be made until Speech Night itself. Each of our primary school students will be recognised for her achievements at the Primary School Speech Night. In addition, there will be awards for sport age champion, cultural best all-rounder, citizenship and first and second in year from Year 4 to 6. Please keep an eye out for invitations to speech night arriving soon. Please remember that invitations will be strictly limited due to COVID restrictions but both events will be live streamed for those unable to attend.

School Speech Night Award Recipients

Year 7 Year 8

Iris Collins Kara-Lee Buckton

Georgia Fenton Bethany Dey

Bria Goldman Harriet Farrell

Clare Hills Maddison Hoffmann

Jorja Hoare Dale Lewis

Holly Kitchen Carrie Mtize

Amisa Lamichhane Matilda Peff

Millicent MacKellar Georgia Priddle

Thaariyah Oczenaschek Summer Whitehand

Aria Watts

Cadence Wone De Rungs

Year 9 Year 10

Hadasshah Akop Karla Abraham

Leah Bertram Jordan Austin

Megan Clark Emilyanne Bell

Hannah Cowan Leah Brannigan

Emilia Heilig Mackinley Cox

Olivia Hoare Gretchen Davis-Hill

Claudia Johnstone Coco Doblo

Charlize Mallyon Adelin Doyle

Tatijana Ranginui Claire Knight

Millicent Wright Andie Lang

Savannah McCann

Tatenda Runganga

Meredith Walker

Year 11 Year 12

Brooke Adams Caitlin Bignell

Emma Clark Aleisha Cesar

Tyla Cringle Chloe Cowan

Hannah Goodwin Logan Cox

Brill Goulevitch Heidi Davison

Charlotte Graham Abby Dendle

Emma Jones Mira Gibson

Jessica Leane Jemma Green

Heather Maitland Emma Hafey

Abbie Mallyon Molly Harwood

Grier McRae Abigail Hills

Sydney Peff Lucy Jarred

Olivia Sherry Mia Johnstone

Ava Kean

Jayme McKellar

Alyssa-Jane Nichols

Hannah Pirie

Hayley Sheehan

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies



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