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Curriculum Catch-Up

Last week I talked briefly about the opportunity for innovation that comes with change. Teachers are enjoying the challenge of being forced to think differently and come up with novel solutions. Some are creating online group breakouts who are working collaboratively to create presentations and report back to their class. To be able to do this effectively in an online environment is remarkable and a testament to your daughters’ involvement in their lessons. Having lessons recorded for later reviewing is also a positive. We have been seeking feedback from our students and teachers about how they are handling the associated challenges of the rapid move to online learning. We are also interested in what are perceived to be the advantages of online learning. Perhaps unsurprisingly many students and teachers are quite enjoying not having to deal with the commute to school each day and the associated extra sleep that comes with that. Many students are reporting that although they miss the physical interactions, they are feeling more focussed and are getting more done in less time. Time will tell if this is due to a novelty factor or a more lasting effect. Retaining the social connectivity of our students and teachers has been critical to the success of Learning@Home. This week we will be sending a survey to all parents asking for feedback on how the process is going for families at home. We will use the feedback provided to further streamline our processes. We have used student feedback this week to pull back somewhat on the pace of lessons as well as allowing for more offline time to work independently on tasks. Please do take a few minutes to complete the survey to let us know how your family is coping now we are well into the experience.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies



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