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Emotional Wellbeing During Times of Uncertainty - A Message from Deputy Principal - Students

Without a doubt, Covid-19 has had an affect on all our lives. We have seen as recently as this week how plans and situations can change. Whether we thought we were starting to ease off on the severity of restrictions, we know that we cannot plan for sudden changes and its effect on our wellbeing.

During these unprecedented times, we have learnt about the importance of family, self-care, the benefits of technology, exercise and getting outside, flexibility and preparing for the realisation that things may never go back to the way they were before. When discussing upcoming events with some of the girls recently I used the phrase ‘the new normal’ and as much as we’d like to return to traditional ways of doing things, sometimes this just isn’t possible. I encouraged the girls to see this as a great opportunity to ‘think outside the box’ and turn what could be viewed as a negative disappointment into a positive time for possibility.

As adults, we need to work hard at managing our emotional responses during these uncertain times and model the power of a growth mindset to turn a negative situation in to a positive one. To help us reframe what could be viewed as a daunting or overwhelming situation, we can instead focus on;

  • Perspective- try to see this time as unique and different, not necessarily bad, even if it is something you didn’t necessarily choose.

  • Connection- think of ways to stay connected with others, even if this takes the form of traditional methods such as letter writing, positive postcards etc.

  • Be generous to others - giving to others in times of need not only helps the recipient, it helps your wellbeing too.

  • Stay connected with your values. Don’t let fear or anxiety drive your interactions with others. We are all in this together!

  • Daily routine - create a routine that prioritises things you enjoy and even things you have been meaning to do but haven’t had enough time. Take up a new hobby!

  • Try to see this as a new and unusual period that might even have some benefits.

To conclude the first term for 2021, I would like to wish you all a safe and healthy Easter vacation. Remember to keep the above points in mind, to look after your wellbeing and if this means eating chocolate, then enjoy!

Kara Krehlik

Deputy Principal - Students



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