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Events and Attire - A Message from Deputy Principal - Students

We have certainly hit the ground running to begin Term 2, with many events already recognised by our school. Our assemblies in weeks 1 and 2 marked significant occasions. The first being Anzac Day and this week, Foundation Day.

I had the absolute pleasure and honour of accompanying our year 12 students to the Dawn Service and Rats of Tobruk Memorial last Sunday followed by the Anzac Day Parade where we had close to half our student population representing Girls Grammar. The girls and staff carried themselves with pride and looked very impressive in their Girls Grammar uniforms. I would like to thank and congratulate everyone who took part in this event.

School representation and pride within our grounds and when in the community is an important characteristic of being a Girls Grammar girl. Throughout this term we have many events, tours and excursions where our students will be representing Girls Grammar. It is essential that our girls are proudly wearing their full school uniform and carry themselves professionally. Our school uniform is a symbol of our community and is part of the proud tradition of Rockhampton Girls Grammar School.

This includes presenting each day at school in the correct attire, including while travelling to and from school as well as in the community whether this be for something as simple as attending the shops. It is an expectation that whenever students are wearing their Girls Grammar uniform, it is worn perfectly or not at all. As stated in our school’s uniform policy, ‘When students are in their Girls Grammar uniform, but off campus (except in their own home), expectations of uniform and personal presentation are as they would be when they are at school’.

Expectations around hair, make-up and jewellery are also outlined in the school’s uniform policy and therefore must be adhered to whenever in Girls Grammar uniform. Make up, nail polish, false nails, tinted eye lashes, eye lash extensions and tinted eye brows are not permitted. A reminder also about jewellery. One pair of sleepers or studs (plain gold, silver or pearl) are permitted to be worn in the lower ear lobe. No other colours or stones are permitted. I have noticed that the size of pearls worn in some girls’ ears are becoming quite large. This is a breach of the school’s uniform policy as these earrings are beads and not the traditional small pearl size.

When in uniform, hair should be presentable and tied up neatly with a white, navy or marigold ribbon or hair tie. White ribbons should be worn on Wednesdays and for all formal occasions. Panama hats are an iconic aspect of the Girls Grammar uniform and are required to be worn by students in years 6-12 to and from school, and at any time throughout the day when outside. It was interesting to hear Hon Michelle Landry MP tell our senior students when she visited this week that when she attended Girls Grammar, Prefects stood at the top gate to check that girls were in uniform correctly with their Panama hats on their heads.

A final reminder is about the chewing of gum. This is not permitted at any time within school or when in uniform outside of school. Rockhampton Girls Grammar School is highly regarded and respected in the community. As such, all girls are expected to conduct themselves with pride, honour and tradition when in the Girls Grammar uniform.

Kara Krehlik

Deputy Principal - Students



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