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Every Cloud has a Silver Lining - A Message from Acting Deputy Principal - Students

What a wild week it has been with the weather in our region! Impending storms with the chance of hail create a level of anxiety in most of us. I am pleased to report the RGGS community was fortunate enough to come through these events relatively unscathed. A tidy up by our wonderful maintenance team was all that was required to get us back to ‘business as usual’.

But as the saying goes, every cloud has a silver lining. The recent weather has sparked student-directed activities and learning conversations in classrooms. This week, teachers reported to me that students are keenly researching weather patterns, learning how to read synoptic charts, accessing the Bureau of Meteorology website and discussing the impact of the various weather events on their communities.

The neuroscience of learning is clear. Essentially, when learning is meaningful to our girls’ experience, it is more effective and more likely to be remembered. “Relevant, meaningful activities that both engage students emotionally and connect with what they already know are what help build neural connections and long-term memory storage (not to mention compelling classrooms).” (Bernard, 2010)

When students are able to anchor their learning to prior knowledge or have a personal connection to the material being delivered in our classrooms, they are more likely to remember the information.

The commitment and responsiveness demonstrated by our teaching staff to adapt their lessons based on the interests and needs of our girls, thereby maximising their learning, is a strength of our wonderful school.

Aside from the much-needed rain these storms have brought our region, they have also provided us with some valuable learning opportunities for our girls.

Nadine Kelly

Acting Deputy Principal - Students


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