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Facilities and Services Update

Capital Works Update

This week, for the first time in over 18 months, our Principal took the pleasure of re-opening the iconic Paterson Drive, marking the close of the roof restorations project and an end of an era of scaffolding, the smell of fresh iron being laid, and the sound of drilling.

With this, we welcome BT Builders to Girls Grammar. BT Builders have been awarded the Multipurpose Covered Court project as announced by Mrs Krehlik last week. BT Builders will commence the initial stages of the project in the coming weeks. The project location will be barricaded, and all contractors inducted into the School.

Internal works on Upper Paterson have already started as part of the roof restoration 'make good' work. During the internal works on our Heritage listed Paterson House, some hidden gems have been uncovered, and restored as part of the Focus Area 3 of our Strategic Visions “Honouring our Heritage whilst embracing the future”. The below picture looks up into the turrets through a Perspex ceiling tile. This design was specifically tailored to capture the 130-year-old internal structures and original hot water system.

Our dedicated grounds and maintenance team has been working tirelessly to rejuvenate the grounds and gardens surrounding Paterson House since the removal of the fence protection and scaffolding. The famous R-G-G-S garden bed outside of Reception made up of hedges is being nurtured back to its former glory by Manager of Grounds and Maintenance, David Eyles.

New Additions

What better way to enjoy the sloping hills at morning tea and lunch, than on our bright new yellow gingham picnic rug. The girls have embraced, or should I say raced to ensure they secure a picnic rug every day since their arrival. The 12 new outdoor picnic tables are now placed across the school, with three more awaiting to take their long-term position on the south green near Paterson Drive once the new landings have been completed.

Catering and Canteen

Introducing, Natsuko Howard, our very own sushi chef, making all our sushi fresh on site. Natsuko will be providing a lesson on sushi making next month for all boarding students. I look forward to updating you and showcasing the talents of our students and staff.

Below are photos of our cooks: Head Chef, Kent Reid and Raelene Bendall, who makes all of the yummy biscuits, cakes and slices for our special events. Raelene, a woman of many hidden talents also made the Year 12 formal cake this year.

This month the students were again provided with nutritious meal offerings, a highlight was the marinated pork striploin steak with roast pumpkin and freshly cut steamed vegetables, and if that didn’t get their mouth-watering, Christmas in July theme night surely did. Christmas in July held on 25 July was served with eggs benedict for breakfast, a roast turkey with garlic roasted chats, peppered pumpkin, sweet chili sweet potatoes, and green beans with bacon for dinner, finishing off with pavlova with cream and berries for dessert.

Please visit our website or Quickcliq to view our canteen menu items and daily buffet lunch offer.


Our very own, “Mr. Dave” as the students know him, has served the School for over 20 years. This year, the School has honoured Mr David Eyles, by naming the service road “Dave’s Drive”. For those who are yet to meet our resident prankster and personal Bob the Builder, you will find him racing around in the golf buggy fixing, planting, building, and having smoko or lunch in his favourite chair in the dining room. Girls Grammar would like to congratulate and thank Dave for his wonderful service to the School over these many years.

Kasey Mitchell

Facilities and Services Manager


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