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Food and Textiles and Hospitality

Term 1 was very busy and rewarding for all girls in Food and Textiles, and Senior Hospitality. The assessment for Senior Hospitality saw the girls planning for, cooking, and serving high tea platters to staff members, raising money for The Cancer Council's, Biggest Morning Tea. The event was a huge success thanks to the students who worked diligently and the staff who supported them by purchasing their high tea platters.

Food and Textiles for Year 8, 9 and 10 this term was focused on sustainability within sewing; with this, the girls were given a plain t-shirt and were posed the question, ‘how can you re-purpose a t-shirt into a fashionable or functional product?’. This question opened the girls up to accessing their imagination and tapped into their creative thinking in a way which they might not have done before. They designed and created products ranging from, dog toys, coats, and bandannas, to children’s toys and clothing, and to functional shopping and tote bags. The overall quality of the sewing projects was exceptional, and the girls seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves.

The Year 7 girls had a successful and fun term in Food and Textiles. The unit they completed this term was to design and create a functional toiletries pouch to give to a friend going on holidays. Throughout this unit the girls were exposed to, and were taught safety within the sewing room, how to use a sewing machine, and many other fine motor skills which are crucial to develop within textiles. A consistent and enthusiastic effort was given by all, and they should be proud of how much they learnt, and how far they advanced with their sewing skills.

In Week 10 all Food and Textiles classes were given an Easter sewing project to complete. They were given the option of creating a ‘Bunny Bag’ or an ‘Easter Bunny’. This was a great end of term activity and was beneficial in allowing the girls to do one further practical task to help them further refine their skills within textiles. As well as this end of term activity, the Senior Hospitality students were given a challenge project to complete. They were given a total of 40 minutes and a strict selection of ingredients to complete an in-class ‘Milkshake Make-Off’. This activity allowed the girls an experience to learn how to create a beverage from scratch, as well as have it judged on taste and presentation as part of their requirements within the subject.

Overall, the girls within Food and Textiles and Hospitality had a successful and enjoyable term. I would like to thank Mrs Chris Rattenbury and Mrs Michelle Birse for assisting us as our teacher aides this term. Their support and dedication is very much appreciated.

Sammy Cobon

Food and Textiles Teacher


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