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Girls Grammar Boarding Bulletin: Exciting Events and Adventures Await!

We've officially reached the halfway point of the term, and exciting plans are underway to fill the upcoming days with fun and engaging activities. This weekend promises an array of delights, featuring a vibrant red-themed karaoke night and a refreshing pool party. Our dedicated boarding supervisors and senior girls will be orchestrating these events, with the invaluable support of our staff.

Last weekend, we basked in the beauty of Yeppoon Lagoon, savouring chip butties amidst the splendid weather. As a prelude to our Year 12 boarders' grand finale, a spectacular day at Great Keppel Island (GKI) in November has been secured. It's an opportunity for our boarders to enjoy the stunning local destination, right on our doorstep. GKI offers a serene escape where our girls can relax, try their hand at stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking, and revel in the pristine, surf-free waters. Our primary goal for the day is to ensure the girls stay sun-safe and well-hydrated throughout.

The unique aspect of this event is the collaboration between our boarding and day school staff, allowing for the development of strong bonds and relationships. We kindly remind our boarding parents to enrol their daughters for this memorable day and complete the necessary swimming ability forms.

As we approach the weekend, we extend warm wishes to all for a fabulous time. Here in boarding, we are certainly gearing up for one!

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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