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Music News - SHEP

Congratulations to Aleisha Cesar and Caitlin Bignell for their selection and participation in QLD SHEP for four days in Brisbane over the September holidays. Students have the opportunity to work in either a Wind Orchestra, String Orchestra, Celtic String Orchestra, Guitar Ensemble or Vocal Ensemble with a team of eminent conductors from Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. This intensive environment of musical excellence offers a unique opportunity to extend and develop students’ musical skills.

It was really great to perform in a large ensemble because we haven’t had the opportunity to this year” Caitlin Bignell. “I love having the opportunity to work with industry professionals with the experience to better enhance my ensemble playing” Aleisha Cesar.

Congratulations also go to Paige Ung and Kara-Lee Buckton who participated in Middle School SHEP recently held in Rockhampton. Both students participated in the choral section for the weekend and embraced the opportunity to learn from an experienced conductor from the Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University.

Christina Bond

Instrumental Music Coordinator

Piano & Vocal Teacher



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