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Primary Focus

Prep/Year 1

Prep and Year One look forward all week to Fun Friday playtime! This week they enjoyed playing with the babies, the Barbies and some girls enjoyed putting on a puppet show.

Year 2/3

With the focus on kinaesthetic hands-on learning, Year 2/3 have been consolidating their numeracy skills – especially their number facts and money. Our literacy focus this term has been poetry. The girls enjoyed publishing their colour poems using Microsoft Word and experimenting with the layout by changing the size and font. In Art, the girls have been looking at the work of artist Pete Cromer and this week started their own Pete Cromer inspired artwork using a variety of mediums. They are very excited to continue this project this week. There is never a dull moment in the 2/3 classroom!

Year 4

This term Year 4 have been looking at autumn colours, patterns and imagery in Art. The girls have created a class mandala, writing positive words on leaves that strengthened connections between classmates. Aboriginal dot paintings were also incorporated to represent culture and wholeness.

Year 4 were also lucky to have the State Emergency Service visit the classroom to share their experience of what a community organisation does and how they work with the Queensland State Government to keep people safe. The visit was prompted by an email sent by Hara when she was investigating a local community group.

Year 5/6

"Piece of Me" is the titled artwork created by Year 5/6 to represent their cultures and Australia as a multicultural nation. The puzzle pieces, once completed, represented unity and acceptance of all. During Care lessons, the class has been looking into their emotions, recognising they are important and learning ways to deal with unpleasant reactions. An experiment was done to highlight what may happen when emotions are not addressed.



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