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Primary Report

The Primary students are fortunate to have specialist timetabled lessons with teachers throughout the school. One or two lessons per week are dedicated to students exploring subjects for Music, Physical Education, Spanish and Visual Art. They also have a weekly library lesson to borrow books, discuss stories and learn concepts.

Music lessons with a trained music teacher, Miss Dawes, enables students to discover rhythm, beat and learn songs. Students are using various instruments to study percussion this term. Glockenspiel, triangles and Boom Whackers provide an opportunity for students to play instruments and create their own musical pieces to share with their peers.

In preparation for the Primary Ball Games carnival at the end of term, students are practicing over and under, leader ball and tunnel ball. This is also a great way to improve catching and throwing skills and hand-eye coordination along with improving their fitness with learning how to perform tricks and various skill styles through skipping.

Spanish lessons with Senora Lacoste immerses students in a new language. According to ACTL Language Connects, ‘learning another language also provides many other benefits including greater academic achievement, greater cognitive development, and more positive attitudes towards other languages and cultures.’ Learning another language has proven to assist with:

  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills.

  • Improved Verbal and Spatial Abilities.

  • Improved Memory Function (long & short-term).

  • Enhanced Creative Thinking Capacity.

  • Better Memory.

  • More Flexible and Creative Thinking.

  • Improved Attitude Toward the Target Language and Culture.

Prep to Year 3 students are currently participating in one lesson of Spanish per week while Year 4 to 6 have two 50 minute lessons looking at everyday Spanish items, animals, and describing family, friends and relatives.

With being nearly halfway through the term, Miss Meredith has lower Primary students creating their own master pieces in Visual Art. From colour, line and shape to recycled art sculptures and Aboriginal art, hold onto these, as one day they may be very valuable whereas at the moment they are just priceless.

Our library is a great source of information and enjoyment for many students. Reading a book or even locating known words and sounds for lower students, can improve their confidence and provides an excellent way to foster a love of reading. In today’s busy world, taking the time out to extend creativity and visualise characters and events, is a great way to reduce stress and escape into another world.

The Primary students will be acknowledging CBCA Book Week again in 2022 with the theme ‘Dreaming with Eyes Open’ and participating in a dress up day. Start thinking about favourite stories, locate the book and come dressed as a character in Week 7. There are multiple websites available now which have online stories to listen to or read, but there is nothing quite like turning a page.

Jacqui Goltz

Director of Primary


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