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Sporting Spotlight

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Interhouse Netball Competition

The annual Secondary Interhouse Netball Carnival was hotly contested throughout lunch times in Week 6. This competition provides players from Years 7 – 12 an opportunity to compete together for netball supremacy.

This competition utilises seven players on court in two seven minute halves. Players are able to use rolling subs and change during play to ensure everyone that wants to participate gets their chance on court. This year, to keep it interesting, scoring zones were created similar to Fast5 netball. The shooting circle was split into an inner half worth one point per goal and outer half worth two points. To make things even more interesting players in the WA, GA or GS positions were able to take shots from outside the shooting circle, totalling three points per goal. These larger point scoring zones really made the difference in some tight battles.

Monday saw Paterson take down Smith in the first game and, with some controversy over the scoring from the Paterson volunteer, Williams got the win over Downs in the second game. Teams had a day to regroup with Tuesday being a rest day due to the Year 12s battling it out in a different form, their annual Valedictory Competition.

Wednesday’s games didn’t disappoint with Smith coming out strong and smashing Downs. Game two saw another large score line as Williams took down Paterson in style.

Thursday started with a close game between Smith and Williams, with Smith taking this one out 10-9 and a two pointer clinching the win. Downs saved their best game for the last round taking out a 12-0 win over Paterson. Downs had hit their straps too late, with only one win for Down and Paterson teams, they were destined to spectate the final.

FRIDAY…THE FINAL! Who would take out the coveted 2022 Interhouse Netball title, Smith or Williams?

Williams took an early lead 3-0 as Smith struggled to get the ball to their attacking end. The longer 10min halves seemed to get the better of Williams as Smith started to make a comeback and both teams finished the first half 4-all. Smith Prefect Salani has a future in motivational speaking as her team came out strong after her half time talk and took the lead. Unfortunately, the lead was short-lived for Smith. With some wise substitutions by Williams Prefect and experienced QISSN Captain Arkadie, Williams got on the front foot once again and with the next three goals took it out 7-5.

Congratulations to all players on a great week on netball and thank you to everyone that volunteered to umpire or score, your efforts are greatly appreciated.


Saturn Netball Finals

It was a sea of Navy and Gold on Tuesday night at Jardine Park as RGGS Saturn took on Gracemere Lynx in the Rockhampton Netball Association Junior C1 Grand Final.

Polywonga was in attendance to lead the team out of the tunnel as the anticipation for a close contest could be felt around the grounds.

The starting whistle went, Gracemere were on the board with the first goal of the game. With a nervous start, we missed our first attempt and back down the other end it went. Our fabulous defence end, Destiny and Tayla, managed to win it back and with the help of mid-court speed in Zafeera, Heidi and Niamh, the ball was moved nicely down court. Once back in the circle Tilly and Tjlalaki made no mistake this time, working around each other nicely to open up space and we were on the board. Gracemere’s shooters were on target and by the end of the first quarter they had pulled out a 7-3 lead.

A few subbing changes and fresh legs saw Charlotte and Porsha come into the action. While we were giving away a height advantage to the much taller Gracemere team, our centre court were using their speed to take some great intercepts. With an excited cheer squad in the background, the game took a frantic pace, the rushed play and increase in offensive turnovers allowed Gracemere to extend their lead 13-7.

The third quarter always seems to be our worst enemy as heavy legs settle in and we finished this quarter down by 11.

Normally the fourth quarter is where we shine and can usually pull the score back to get over the top of opposition teams, but by this time Gracemere could see the shiny trophies in their future and they stepped up their quality of play again to pull out to a final score of 33-17.

After the game the girls were presented with netball bibs made by Our Rainbow House, an Australian and Zambian Registered Charity that provides the opportunity for vulnerable children to attend school and gives them improved life chances. The girls were excited and humbled by their show of support. We often see photos of the children wearing donated Girls Grammar uniforms, so it will be nice to send photos of the girls with their bibs.

We finished the night with an awards ceremony to collect their runner up trophies and of course some more team photos.

The Saturn girls would like to thank all the supporters for coming out to cheer them on. Thanks also to the parents, grandparents and boarding staff that get the girls to their games and training sessions each week.

Thank you to coach Jamie and manager Sofiea for guidance and effort with the girls throughout the season. Lastly, thank you to Liz Curtis for her tireless efforts as the Club Netball Coordinator.

Liz with be calling for player nominations soon for the last social season of the year starting in Term 4, please keep an eye on your email for further information.

Greta Doherty

Director of Sport



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