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Sporting Spotlight

Oztag Success

After postponed Grand Finals last Friday, the RGGS Hashtags came out ready to fire on Monday night with a huge crowd of boarders there in support. It was a fast start for the Hashtags girls as Beryl went through, running 40m to score within the first minute of the game. Before the end of the second minute, Jalime was through in an awesome display of stepping and swerving skill to get our second try for the evening. Both teams settled into the game and the scoring slowed down, with the opposition next to put points on the board. The game went try for try through the rest of the first half, taking the score to 4-2 at half time.

The second half was all Girls Grammar as Beryl, Jalime and Maggie all crossed again to take the lead to 7-2. Lethal Chaos scored next taking the score to 7-3, they were developing momentum and it wasn’t long until they were on the attack again. Their winger made a great break down the sideline and after a 45m chase, Tahlya made a try saving tag. While everyone was still trying to get onside, they had a quick play the ball and were attacking again. Tahlya made a second amazing defensive effort, outnumbered by Lethal Chaos players, she managed to save the next try as well. With two more tries to the Hashtags girls, they took out the game in impressive fashion, getting up 9-3.

There were cheers of glee and a mandatory Girls Grammar War Cry to finish the game.

At the presentations, Beryl was awarded player of the final for her amazing five try haul.

Congratulations to all the players and thank you to the supporters for coming out.

We would also like to thank Miss Katelyn Schultz for managing all three Girls Grammar teams this season. Thanks to Kaitlyn Graham for coaching the Hashtags girls, Kate Frahm for coaching the Hipsters and Britt Cunningham for coaching the Taglines team.

Oztag is growing each season and we would love to see new faces signing up to play at the start of 2023.

Greta Doherty

Director of Sport



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