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Sporting Spotlight

Naarah Austin Memorial Interhouse Touch Carnival

Secondary students had a blast on the last day of term competing in the spirit of Naarah Austin at the annual memorial carnival. Naarah was an avid touch player and proud Girls Grammar girl, who’s determination and passion for life was second to none.

It was a morning of close match-ups, with drawn games and nail-biting finishes between the houses throughout the round games. After three rounds, the top two teams to compete for the Naarah Austin Trophy were Smith and Williams.

With a draw in their round game, the final went much the same way, as the first half finished without a touchdown. House prefects gave rousing half time speeches and both teams started strong in the second half. It was an action packed second half with line breaks and diving try-saving defence. The referees were becoming increasingly nervous that the game would go into extra time, as deep into the second half it remained scoreless.

As the heat took its toll, tired legs were becoming more obvious. The Williams defence was struggling to keep up with Zafeera’s fancy footwork and a diving finish from Salani put Smith on the scoreboard within the last minute of the game. Williams raced back to halfway for their tap, but time ran out before they could complete the set, making Smith our 2022 Naarah Austin Memorial Carnival winners.

Congratulations to all participants on a great display of house spirit and showing some amazing touch football skill throughout the morning.

Greta Doherty

Director of Sport



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