Sports News - Week 5


In a short four week season the RGGS volleyball team managed to play seven games winning all seven. In total Girls Grammar played 16 sets of Volleyball and only narrowly lost one set in the entire competition, a truly remarkable performance. The girls were crowned 2020 Interschool Volleyball champions. Emma Clark was awarded player of the Grand Final.

Semi-Final RGGS defeated Glenmore A 3 sets to 0

Grand Final RGGS defeated St Urusula’s 3 sets to 0


Jnr Team Grand Final - Through sheer determination and perseverance, the team played hard ending full time on a draw. Going into extra time, hearts were racing not only from the players but coaches on the sidelines. After our girls scored a goal in the first five-minute penalty half, they held on by sheer grit to prevent the opposition scoring for the remainder of the game. Carrie Mtize was selected as the best player by the Lighthouse team. The Girls Grammar girls were elated at their win and showed sportsmanship till the very end. Congratulations on your achievement Girls. Futsal Champions 2020!

SNR Team Play off for 3rd and 4th - In a very close game Girls Grammar lost to Kingsley College 6 goals to 5 in a high scoring, very close match. Jessica White was awarded player of the Grand Final by the other team’s coach.

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Scott Fuller

Sports Master


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