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Tin Can Bunny Planter

Looking for a quick + easy craft activity to keep the kids busy this school holidays? Why not grow your very own carrots for the Easter Bunny!


2 Googly eyes

Felt hearts in small, medium + large

2 A4 sheets of white foam

2 A4 sheets of pink foam

1 large white or pink pom-pom

Double-side tape squares

Strips of double-sided tape



Lead pencil

1 recycled tin can

1 small potted plant

Ear & bunny foot templates (can be downloaded from our website)


  1. Stick two googly eyes to the top of the tin can using the double-sided tape squares and stick the felt heart in the centre of the can to act as a nose.

  2. Draw your mouth, whiskers, freckles and teeth onto the tin can using the Sharpie.

  3. Download the templates for the ears and bunny feet here.

  4. Using a white piece of foam and the large ear template, trace the 2 bunny ears and then carefully cut the ears out.

  5. Now using the pink piece of foam, trace 2 smaller bunny ears and carefully cut them out.

  6. Using a white piece of foam, trace the bunny feet and then cut them out.

  7. Apply a strip of double-sided tape to the back of the small ear and stick it to the large ear. You will then need to repeat this step for the other ear.

  8. Using the double-sided tape squares, stick four felt hearts onto the paws (3 small and 1 large).

  9. Add a strip of a double-sided tape to the back of each foot and then stick the feet to the tin can.

  10. Stick a strip of double-sided tape to the bottom of the ears and stick them to the back of the tin can.

  11. Add a small strip of double-sided tape to your pom-pom and then stick it to the back of your tin can as the tail.

  12. Carefully insert the potted plant into the tin can bunny planter and watch them grow.



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