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Uniform Expectations - A Message from Acting Deputy Principal - Students

The school uniform is a symbol of our community and part of the proud tradition of Rockhampton Girls Grammar School. It is always delightful to attend whole-school events where our girls form a striking sea of navy, white and marigold. With several significant events timetabled for Term 4, it is timely to review some of the School’s key uniform expectations.

Students in P-6 wear the day dress for both regular, and formal occasions. The dress is optional for students in Years 7-12 but if worn, must come to the top of the knee. White fold-down socks or navy tights can be worn with the Clarks Ingrid T-bar shoe, which is the only shoe permitted.

In Term 3, some students were wearing incorrect socks with the day uniform, including sports socks. Please note, these are not acceptable and in breach of the School’s uniform policy.

Students in Years 7-12 can choose to wear their school dress or formal shirt and skirt with the white fold-down socks or navy tights as day wear but must wear their formal uniform every Wednesday for Assembly, and on formal occasions. At these times, the girls must wear the white fold-down socks only, as well as the school blazer and a white ribbon in their hair if applicable. Unlike the day dress, the formal skirt should come to the bottom of the knee.

Students in Years 6-12 are required to wear the panama hat with the gold and navy hatband. The hat must be worn to and from school, and at all times during the day when the student is outside, unless it is raining.

For all students from P-12, the tie is worn every day with the dress or formal shirt. The school badge is worn in the centre of the tie at the crossover. If a student has a Prefect, Senior or Leadership badge, this should be worn instead of the standard school badge. The exception is Year 6 leadership badges which are worn under the school badge in the centre of the tie.

House badges are worn on the wearer’s right and name badges under the school badge. House badges and name badges are worn at school but are not to be worn on formal group occasions such as the ANZAC March.

Make up, nail polish, false nails and lashes are not permitted at school. A simple watch and a pair of sleepers or small studs (plain gold, silver or pearl) can be worn in the lower lobe only. Earrings are not allowed to be worn in any additional piercings a student may have. No visible body piercing is permitted and tattoos must not be visible whilst in uniform. Religious talismans may be worn under the dress or formal shirt.

Hair styles should be neat and tidy for a work environment. Long hair which covers the collar, should be tied up with a white or gold ribbon, or plain white, navy, brown or black hair tie.

When at school or out in public, including out of hours, the Girls Grammar uniform should be worn in its entirety. It is important our girls wear their uniform correctly, reflecting their pride in our great school. Thank you to all our students and families for your support with this policy.

Nadine Kelly

Acting Deputy Principal - Students



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