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Year 10 Camp

Phew! What a week it has been! Our Year 10 cohort just finished our three-day study camp at The Haven, a beautiful lodge located right on the east coast near Emu Park.

Wednesday morning meant we all piled onto the bus, singing at the top of our lungs and looking forward to the fun few days ahead. After settling in, we had our first seminar with Judi Newman, a neuroscientist, who helped us to understand how our brains work and how it affects our study life and well-being. We then continued these fascinating discussions the next day and covered some study tips for our senior years.

We would like to thank Judi for her time and dedication (as well as her amazing lucky dips!)

Our very own Mrs Wickham, the school counsellor, talked us through tips for our well-being and mental health. We then ended the day with a painting lesson from Miss Meredith, who showed us how to paint the sunset with water colours.

The fun didn’t stop there as that night was the main event. Year 10’s Got Talent! The annual talent contest between peers led to heaps of laughter and some amazing dance moves from not only students but some teachers too!

The next day, Dr Fry helped us understand a little more about Senior School, as well as explained to us about QCE & ATAR. Then it was time for us to pick our subjects for Year 11.

After lunch, we packed up and loaded the bus again, with another round of karaoke from our girls. From early morning beach walks to the delicious food, it was an amazing camp and a wonderful experience we will not soon forget. As a cohort, we would like to thank Mrs McBride, Mrs Whitehand, Mrs Kelly, Mrs Krehlik and Dr Fry for their time, as well as anyone else who was involved.

Jess Chapman

Year 10 Student


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