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Your Child and the Media - A Message from Deputy Principal - Students

Yesterday Rockhampton Girls Grammar School recognised the contribution and sacrifice made by our service men and women during our special ANZAC Day assembly. It was a moving event and one which often brings me to tears. It also raised conversations and questions among the girls regarding the events that are currently occurring in other parts of the world.

Even if our children are not watching the news, they are exposed to information regarding traumatic world events through social media and conversations with their peers.

As parents, there are many times when we are required to navigate tricky conversations with our children around what is covered in the media. Often, we do not have all the answers, nor should we be expected to. Recently, even one of our politicians when questioned by the media replied by telling the journalist to ‘look it up on Google’.

More importantly though, how do we respond in a way that provides factual, balanced information without creating undue distress and worry? Emerging Minds is an Australian organisation that develops mental health policy, services, interventions, training, programs and resources for professionals, children and their families. They also partner with national and international organisations to implement evidence-based best practice.

Their website, has a wide range of resources available for health professionals, educators and parents covering a diverse range of topics related to mental health and wellbeing. I have included one of their factsheets with this newsletter that provides guidance on how to discuss traumatic events, covered by the media, with your child.

I hope you find the article valuable reading.

Nadine Kelly

Deputy Principal - Students


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