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The girls have been engaging with STEM tasks in a variety of ways so far this year. From Year 8, students can choose Digital Technologies as an elective subject to study. In the subject, students have designed and developed a new bridge for Rockhampton and through the use of 3D printing and modelling were able to create a physical scaled model of their proposed bridge. Students have also had the opportunity to study Game Design and Level Design theory by looking at a range of different games ranging from 80’s style arcade to modern handheld 2D games. They also investigated the relationship between difficulty of a game level and user experiences for a range of able and adaptive players. This project culminated into each girl getting hands on experience creating their own playable 2D game using industry standard software Unity, to create their own 2D proposed game.

Furthermore, students have done market research into the international and domestic Podcast industry and used this information to create their own sample Podcast in Year 10. These students will be using key documents produced during the Strategic and Master planning, completed and released earlier this year, to design or redesign a functional space within the school. Their designs will be presented to Principal Kara Krehlik and Facilities and Services Manager Kasey Mitchell for consideration in future projects.

Jayden Borg

Science, Technology & VET Teacher


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