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Final word from Girls Grammar Principal Kara Krehlik for 2022

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

Wow! What an ending to the year. The past fortnight has been packed with so many celebrations and events to conclude a year that started off in a very different manner. Last week’s farewell to Year 12 students at their boarder’s dinner, graduation, final assembly and Friday’s Panama toss and run up Dave’s Drive marked the annual transition of one senior cohort to the next.

Girls Rock was indeed a celebration of the diverse range of artistic talents from our girls and staff (or lack thereof…) and highlighted just how strong and unique our school culture and sense of community is. The Girls Grammar comradery and spirit was well and truly alive and I know that there were a range of emotions felt by so many present at the Pilbeam Theatre. Thank you to Miss Emma Girle and Miss Sophie Harwood for the energy, enthusiasm and time they devoted to the planning and preparation of performances, as well as their patience and skills in choreographing a group of challenging and uncoordinated staff.

Last Friday’s prestigious Speech Night was yet another showcase of our students’ talents and achievements and I thank Dr John Fry and Ms Jen Hooper for the time they dedicated to organising such a wonderful whole school event. Congratulations to Mirae Ries who was announced Dux of the school for 2022. We wish her and her Year 12 peers all the very best in their future endeavours as they commence their next chapter as Old Girls.

Congratulations to our incoming Prefects for 2023 who were awarded the following Portfolios with Hadasshah Akop and Megan Clark announced as Head Girls:

Bridgette Williams Academic Prefect

Camryn McPherson Boarding Prefect

Hayley Roche Cocurricular Prefect

Megan Clark Community and Culture Prefect

Gabby Kurtz Downs House Prefect

Claudia Heffer Paterson House Prefect

Hannah Rideout Primary Prefect

Ellie Nelson Smith House Prefect

Hadasshah Akop Student Wellbeing Prefect

Emilia Heilig Williams House Prefect

Next year Subject Area Coordinators will be an additional leadership level to support middle leaders Jacqui Goltz as Director of Primary and Christie Dey as Director of Secondary. This has been a strategic leadership decision in response to enrolment growth to support teaching staff with curriculum requirements while strengthening student learning outcomes. Congratulations to the following teachers who will commence in the role of combined Subject Area Coordinator; Jayden Borg for Languages, Technologies and Physical Education, Katelyn Shultz for English and HASS, Jessica Dawes for the Arts and Nadene Houseman for Science and Mathematics. We look forward to Girls Grammar Old Girl, Nadene joining the Girls Grammar’s math department having previously been a Math Head of Department.

In December we welcome Ellouise Bailey to the revamped role of Community, Marketing and Events Coordinator. Relocating from Bega, New South Wales, Ellouise has a wealth of professional experience in the media and communications industry having worked as a senior journalist, magazine content coordinator, news and entertainment writer for publications such as The Newcastle Herald, The Canberra Times, The Farmer Magazine and Women’s Day - just to name a few. Ellouise looks forward to seeing the girls on their return to school in January and meeting the Girls Grammar community at our welcome back events in the new year.

Her first large school event will be the Long Lunch which has been booked for Saturday 4 March at the Shearing Shed, Heritage Village. Save the date in your calendars along with the 21st Girls Grammar Race Day on Saturday 17 June.

This past week has seen a continuation of end of year events including the Prep-Year 4 swimming carnival, transition days for incoming boarders, their families, new Year 7 students and Preps, along with Year 6 Graduation and Disney themed School Party as the end of year finale!

Thank you for your ongoing support throughout 2022 and involvement during this final fortnight of events. To quote the line from our updated video, “we are more than just a school, we are a community”. Wishing all of our Girls Grammar families and friends a happy and healthy summer break and I look forward to welcoming you back to a great year in 2023.

Kara Krehlik




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