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2020 Board Election Results

Election Day for the 2020 Board Re-Constitution was Wednesday,19 February 2020. All votes were counted as per Grammar Schools Regulation 2016 and the three nominees receiving the highest number of votes (in no particular order) were Jennifer Luck, Kenneth Murphy and Hilarie Dunn. The Minister for Education will be notified that these three persons will be eligible for appointment as the elected representatives.

We thank all nominees and our subscribers for their time and contribution throughout the voting process.

The current Board’s term is expiring on 25 May 2020 and further correspondence will be sent regarding the new Board once appointed by the Minister for Education and Minister for Industrial Relations. If the Minister has not appointed the new Board by 25 May 2020 the current Board continues until the new Board is appointed.

Mrs Clair Applewaite

Board Secretary



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