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Boarding Bulletin

The joy is back. With the arrival of our junior boarders the buzz in the boarding house has lifted to another level in the past week or so. The girls are excited to be back and it is obvious with the laughter, loud music and activity everywhere. The boarders are being creative with their down time. Many more are exercising and going for runs than what was happening prior to the interruption to life as we knew it. The senior girls are suggesting and running activities for the junior girls in the weeks ahead. We are looking forward to the time when all of our boarders can return to us. Yesterday the school was host to a dancing flash mob that was organised and practiced over the weekend by our boarders. It is wonderful to see Emma, our boarding captain and some of the year 11’s taking up the challenge of keeping the young ones busy. Mrs Johnston has been a regular visitor on weekends, challenging the girls to bocce. The girls have enjoyed these outdoor activities and the weather has been perfect for them.

The boarding staff are continuing to clean the boarding precinct and they are doing a thorough and wonderful job. We are asking the girls to be more aware of what they are touching and using and getting the girls to wipe items over after use. Kent and his kitchen staff are also adjusting the delivery of their service and we have a couple of barbeques and picnics planned in the next couple of weeks to make the most of the great weather and eating outdoors.

We are in contact with Public Health to be sure we are in line with their guidelines as restrictions ease in Queensland. Boarding schools are held to a higher standard which is to be expected when we care for such precious young people. Thank you for your continued patience with this.

With less than four weeks left in the term the school work has also stepped up. Assessment is a focus during our study sessions and we are pleased to report that the girls are working hard during this time. Wishing you all a wonderful and safe weekend.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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