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Boarding Bulletin

In boarding we are producing terrific leaders. Something we are very proud of. This is apparent in the six girls who have been successful in gaining leadership positions next year. On Thursday the incoming leaders met with our outgoing Boarding Prefect, Emma to have a handover of responsibilities as Emma heads into her external exams. Emma shared some helpful advice and the girls were able to ask questions of her. Their first task was to attend the boarding food committee meeting with Kent, our chef. They will also be serving for the Old Girls dinner in November.

Earlier this week Year 10 student council representatives were voted for and all four were boarders, three of them international girls. Congratulations to Salani, Andie, Nylah and Allysah.

Activities have been well attended with the beach and the Memorial pool perfect in this warmer weather. Rockhampton is feeling muggy after some recent much needed rain. We hope our farming families have also been fortunate enough to get some of the recent falls.

The ATSI girls have been invited to attend a meeting with Elders and to hang out at Darumbal Youth drop in centre today.

The Year 12 girls have been given space in taking over the top floor of Kollar. It is a perfect environment for them to be studying and supporting each other. Girls Rock practice has started for some of the girls and the Year 10’s are preparing for the boarders farewell evening. Busy, just how we like it here in boarding.

Have a great weekend!

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding


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