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Boarding Bulletin

We are excited to be back for 2021 and have enjoyed a fantastic start to our boarding year. It was wonderful to have a great number of new and present families in attendance at our boarder parent meeting on Wednesday afternoon.

Welcoming our boarders back, the boarding houses are full of chatter and laughter.

The Year 12 girls led by Georgia, our Boarding Prefect, welcomed our boarders back and escorted them and their families to their rooms. We enjoyed a swim in the pool and an ice cream for supper to start our year. Our current Girls Grammar girls have been fantastic with helping our homesick and nervous new girls settle in quickly.

The friendships forged in our boarding community are evident when we returned for the start of the year. The hugging, squeals of delight and warm sharing of stories is heart-warming. These girls are sure to be friends many years from now.

Our boarding community is looking forward to a myriad of activities this year and we are starting off this week close to home with some backyard cricket, karaoke, games and shopping planned. The junior boarders are enjoying the refreshed Jackson house, with its bright coat of paint, new furniture and air conditioning. Kollar house is full with our Year 9 – 12s. We have also had two new staff join our team this year. We are pleased to have Rachel Warcon and Lily Kittelty working with our girls. 2021 is looking fabulous and we are looking forward to the year ahead.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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