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Boarding Bulletin

Fun is always high on our priority list at Girls Grammar. In boarding we have planned socials and trips to Great Keppel island during the term. These kinds of activities will foster relationships with other schools and are important for our girls’ confidence. It gives them the opportunity to dress up and socialise with others outside their usual circle of friends in a supervised and safe environment. Socials have been a tradition in boarding schools for generations and we are looking forward to reintroducing them at Girls Grammar.

Our girls come from a diverse range of rich cultural backgrounds. We want the girls to celebrate their heritage and feel connected to it. This year we have started a new program with our aboriginal, Torres strait and PNG girls. It is about being able to ‘walk in two worlds’. The program includes discussions, problem solving, cooking, art and games where serious and not so serious topics are covered in a relaxed environment. The girls came up with a name for their group last week and we look forward to all that they produce. They will share their lives with girls from different backgrounds, hopefully creating some shared understanding.

Sport has taken off in the past couple of weeks and it is terrific to see our girls getting involved. Balance is also crucial. In the next week we will be getting girls to write up their weekly commitments so they can see it planned out on a schedule. Girls, especially those new to boarding, can get carried away signing up for everything whilst others can miss the boat and not sign up for anything. Boarders need to be mindful that any commitments that are off campus require liaising with Ms Lorraway to see if transport is available. As parents can appreciate, getting girls to all of their activities can require some careful juggling. With 88 boarders the juggling becomes extreme. Our parents and families can support us by putting leave in as soon as possible so these schedules can be confirmed. Have a terrific week.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding


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