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Boarding Bulletin

Happy National Boarding Week! National Boarding Week, is a week to celebrate the fantastic efforts and commitment from our boarders, boarding staff and schools. Here are some interesting statistics about boarding in Australia:

  • Girl Boarders: 9,315

  • Boy Boarders: 10,554

  • Total Boarders: 19,737

  • Indigenous Boarders: 3,631 - 18.4%

  • International Boarders: 1,399 - 7.2%

  • Rural and Remote Boarders: 14,004 - 71.6%

  • Boarding Schools: ACT: 2 NSW: 44 NT: 6 QLD: 54 SA: 18 TAS: 7 VIC: 30 WA: 40 Total: 201

  • Boarding Staff: 3,727

Last weekend we had fun with the Year 11s, fresh back from their leadership camp, running the activities program. We enjoyed a dance party on Saturday night then headed to the CAB on Sunday for some games. Our boarding prefect Georgia did a presentation on Wednesday celebrating National Boarding Week with a PowerPoint of photos filled with our communities and homes that our boarders hail from. This gives a true indication of the varied backgrounds they all come from and also how resilient and adaptable they are to make Girls Grammar their home during term time. Enjoy the rest of your National Boarding Week and thank you to our Girls Grammar staff who are here everyday making the boarding houses a wonderful home away from home.

This weekend we have many activities planned including the Rocky River Run which involves the whole Girls Grammar community and is one we are especially excited about.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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