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Boarding Bulletin

Last month I greeted families at Beef Week. This month I have travelled over 3000km attending the ICPA State conference, catching up with current and prospective families along the way. Since then I have attended both the Rockhampton and Mackay Shows. I enjoy getting out to the areas in which our families live. These same families where travelling 3000km in a month would be the norm.

At the Mackay show I had the pleasure of catching up with four girls that I cared for at my last school in Victoria. We had a lovely time reminiscing and talking about what they are doing now. These girls hold a special place in my heart as do the girls in my care now. This encounter reminded me of the important work that boarding staff do every day supporting and cheering on the young ladies in our care. We gently guide them, constantly prod them, challenge and reward them. Sometimes I believe girls leave their boarding experience with barely a backward glance whilst others look back with gratitude and love to those staff that have lived all their ups and downs with them. These connections that we make with these girls make our days rewarding and certainly help us get the best out of these young ladies. Staff see what they do as much more than just a job. We are very fortunate to spend our lives with your precious daughters. We continue to offer them experiences, our advice and hope along the way that they make memories to treasure. Have a wonderful week.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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