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Boarding Bulletin

From dressing up to catching fish.

At Girls Grammar our weekends are always busy and packed full of a variety of things to do. Last weekend was a perfect example. We had girls going to touch football, to the local Park Run, shopping, volleyball, karate, netball training, work and to the beach.

The highlights of the weekend for the Year 11 girls was the Semi formal evening held in McKeague Hall. The hall and the deck were beautifully decorated with festoon lights, flowers and bespoke furniture. The food was endless and delicious with staff and Year 12 girls serving the girls and their guests. The girls looked fabulous and had a great night dancing and mingling. The event was ‘unplugged’ which meant everyone present handed in their phones on arrival and it was great to see the girls interacting without their devices.

On Sunday it was a totally different vibe. The girls headed to the beach and went fishing in the creek. It was a fantastic day! The weather was perfect and we caught lots of fish (all under sized and thrown back). The girls that fish at home all the time were in their element and for those that hadn’t fished before it was a new and exciting thing to do. We will definitely be going fishing again in the future as it was such a popular activity.

We are hoping to go to lawn bowls one weekend soon and we have booked in the movies this weekend. These activities don’t happen without the enthusiasm of our boarding staff. At Girls Grammar the staff are making these outings happen with their commitment to the girls well-being. Our staff and girls love our boarding downtime and those girls who put their hand up to go to everything certainly don’t have time to get bored. Have a fantastic weekend.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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