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Boarding Bulletin

Our girls have settled in well to our boarding routine. We continue to ensure they are busy and this week we plan our first trip to the beach for 2022. The intention is to go to a quiet unpopulated beach adhering to COVID safe guidelines. More sports and activities have started this week and it is great to see so many of the girls getting involved.

With regard to activity leave, parents are required to enter leave when it is an outside club or provider coordinating the activity. e.g swim training offsite, gymnastics, dancing, representative club netball, club touch football, volleyball, rugby etc. If it is a school run sport that we offer, parents are required to accept the tour through parent lounge but are not required to enter leave. Unsupervised senior leave is only for Year 11 and 12 girls and it is used for going to the movies or dinner with friends, beauty appointments and the like. We don’t offer transport for unsupervised leave or work commitments. Please enter leave requests as soon as possible so transport arrangements can be arranged. Transport for over the weekend requires leave to be in by 2.00pm on Friday as Tilly organises all schedules by 3.00pm Friday. Thank you for your support with this. Any questions around leave please contact me. For any help in navigating the leave/boarding program please contact Di Mallyon our Student Services officer on 49300905 or email during business hours.

There have been questions around the use of air conditioning in the boarding houses. The policy for use of air-conditioning in the boarding houses is:

  • When the centrally controlled system displays the ambient room temperatures at 25 degrees or above the systems will be turned on.

  • Applies to both Jackson and Kollar boarding houses.

  • We ask the girls not to touch the systems themselves but to ask staff to turn them off when they are too cold.

  • In the event the room temperatures are at 24 degrees or below, the students will be required to use their fans and open windows.

We are looking forward to another fun weekend ahead after last weekend’s amazing activities. Stay safe and have a fabulous week.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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