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Boarding Bulletin - Opportunities (Dance and Horse Riding) and GKI

Boarding has given me the opportunity to do the things that I love. Boarding, every Wednesday afternoon takes me to dancing. Back at home it was very far away and hard to get to dance. At boarding I catch a bus to dance and always get there on time. The dance facilities at Girls Grammar are amazing and give me the opportunity to do many different styles of dance.

Georgia H Year 7

Boarding has given me opportunities to start dancing this year in 2022. I live on a property in Alpha where I do not have the chance to do hip hop. If I didn’t come to Girls Grammar boarding I never would have started hip hop. Every Wednesday afternoon at 5.10 I hop on the bus and go to Dance Star which is where I dance and always get there on time. I then finish at 6.15 and get back to the dorm by 6.30.

Amy G Year 7

I love horse riding and Girls Grammar Boarding is the reason that I got to start it. Girls Grammar has given me the opportunity to start horse riding lessons at the end of last year. On Monday afternoons each week I attend horse riding lessons, I get to horse riding by going in the car with Leah at 3.10 and then by 4.30 the bus is there to pick me up. Boarding has given me this very fun opportunity that I love doing and is something I look forward to every single week!

Amy G Year 7

I have been a boarder at Girls Grammar since 2019 when I was in Year 6. Throughout the four years that I have been here, I know that many opportunities are welcomed to me as a boarder than if I went to a school close to my home. I dance four times a week, I do RMU (Rockhampton Musical Union) and I have been in every school musical since Seussical. If I wasn’t a boarder here at RGGS I wouldn’t have received any of the opportunities that I have had. As I am a boarder I get transport to all of my extracurricular every week, whereas if I stayed home that would be a couple hours’ drive to get to each activity every week which can be hard and time-consuming. Overall boarding has helped me find new hobbies and expand my knowledge of old ones as well.

Millie Year 9

Blue skies, Smiling at me, Nothing but blue skies, Do I see.

Another beautiful day was spent at Great Keppel Island on Sunday. We are blessed to live in this part of the world.



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