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Boarding Bulletin: Term 1 Reflection and Farewell to Girls Grammar's Beloved Boarding Supervisors

As Term One draws to a close we can look back at an action-packed, fun-filled ten weeks. Girls have settled into the routines and made new friends and memories along the way. On the past couple of weekends we have hosted an etiquette dinner for Year 12 boarders at Girls Grammar, inviting both St Brendan’s and St Ursula’s to join us. The boarders learned how to eat soup, that their bread plate was to their left, which cutlery to use and other etiquette rules. They then headed to McKeague Hall where the Girls Grammar girls, led by Camryn and Megan, taught the others how to do the Gypsy tap. It was an enjoyable night and one we plan on emulating with the younger grades. On Friday night the girls enjoyed watching the Broncos v Dolphins game on the big screen in the courtyard. They could be heard cheering from miles away. The atmosphere was electric. The weekend before, 75 boarders enjoyed a fabulous day on Great Keppel Island. The weather was perfect and the girls had a wonderful time swimming, playing touch footy, and chilling out. St Brendan’s brought some of their junior boys over for the day as well.

Next term we are planning more activities and events squeezed in around the Show team trips, ANZAC day, and Year 12 Formal. Wishing you all a safe and enjoyable break with your families. We will be back in boarding from 1.00pm on Monday 17 April.

We would like to wish Mrs Staples a happy retirement and Ms Kyra Murphy-Edwards all the best as she returns to Melbourne.

Kay Staples has worked in boarding at Girls Grammar for 18 years. She has been a second mum/nan to our girls during this time. Kay has raised many young ladies and mentored countless boarding staff during her 18 years. On Tuesday night the boarders had a surprise farewell party for Mrs Staples. There was a delicious cake made by Raelene in the kitchen and lots of heartfelt reminiscing by the girls. Camryn and Megan shared stories and farewell messages from many ‘old girls’ as well. It was a lovely celebration of a fabulous career. Her speedy ways, jiggling keys coming down the hallway, and dancing during clean up prep were fondly remembered. We wish Mrs Staples all the best in her adventures and we hope she will pop back to see us when she is in town.

Mrs Kay Staples has the last word for Term 1:

'I have loved working at Girls Grammar for nearly eighteen years. Seeing girls grow into beautiful, mature young ladies has been a wonderful experience. I have enjoyed helping new staff to navigate our boarding routine and seeing some wonderful young women take on this role of boarding supervisor. Over the eighteen years I have worked with some wonderful ladies. I wish to travel and see some of our wonderful country. In some ways I am a little sad to leave Rockhampton Girls Grammar but also excited about my future and travel.'

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding


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