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Boarding Chronicles: Triumphs, Adventures, and Anticipated Delights

Boarding remains a vibrant hub of activity, as our girls recently embarked on a thrilling adventure to the Causeway Lake alongside St Brendan’s College and St Ursula's College boarders. The highlight of the day was a raft construction and racing competition, where our girls emerged victorious, serenading their success with the school war cry. Engaging in activities such as fishing and cast net throwing added a delightful touch to the day, leaving the girls tired yet brimming with cherished memories.

With the intensification of both representative and club sports, our boarders have embraced the importance of effective time management. Each girl has been tasked with creating a weekly schedule, meticulously outlining training sessions, game days, regular commitments, and even remembering to bring PE uniforms and swimwear to school. This not only aids in planning for the day ahead but also facilitates our Boarding Supervisors in providing support and ensuring that every necessary item is prepared. This seemingly simple act of crafting a timetable instills a valuable life skill in our boarders.

Looking ahead to the upcoming weekend, anticipation fills the air as we prepare for exciting activities. Friday night will showcase auditions for 'The Voice,' promising an evening filled with talent and entertainment. On Sunday, we eagerly anticipate our much-awaited trip to Great Keppel Island, a local paradise that beckons with relaxation and fun. A staggering 86 girls will partake in this privileged experience, grateful for the proximity of such a captivating destination. Wishing everyone a fantastic weekend ahead!

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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