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Bulls 'n' Barrels Sponsors

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Rockhampton Girls Grammar would like to acknowledge and thank the following businesses for sponsoring this year's Bulls 'n' Barrels:

  • Grant Goltz Plumbing

  • Curtis Carrying Company

  • Johnson's 4WD Repair Shop

  • Patlaw Securities

  • Myola Partnership

  • Capricorn Education Resources

  • Ironbark Promotions

  • The Capricornian

  • Kanguru

  • McGrath Real Estate

  • Brick and Trowel Company

  • Pomfret's Backhoe, Tip Truck and Tilt Tray Hire

  • Blue Eagle Productions

  • Skippy's The Range OSHC

Please support these businesses that support us.

If you would also like to sponsor this worthwhile event please email


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