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Camps - A Message from Deputy Principal - Students

Camps are an important aspect of Girls Grammar’s pastoral care program. As outlined in our Camp Program Position Paper, Girls Grammar is committed to the holistic development of our students. Research clearly pinpoints that learning away at residential learning experiences such as camps provide opportunities, benefits and impacts that cannot be achieved in any other educational context or setting.

As I write this I am sitting at Yeppoon’s PCYC on Year 10 camp. It is the morning of day 2 and the girls have had a full schedule already. Beginning with a welcome by Mrs Johnston where she established the ‘why’ behind the three day camp and the importance of the senior phase of learning the girls have just begun, followed by a study sensei session with Lillian from Elevate Education, beach swimming, games and tug of war (very welcome relief from the hot, humid weather AND hilarious!). On the evening of day 1, all girls engaged in a letter writing activity where they wrote a letter to themselves to open on graduation day in year 12. The time set for this activity was extended twice due to the intense focus and engagement of the girls in this task. These letters have been sealed and the girls are eagerly awaiting the time when they can open them at their Graduation to read their thoughts from 3 years ago.

Wellbeing, positivity and gratitude have been a key theme during Year 10 camp, with all girls writing one another ‘positive post it’ notes, ‘shout out’ cards and ‘I am grateful for’ slips. These have been placed in each girls’ Positive Paper Bag to be kept to reflect on and add to over the coming three years. I have loved watching the girls, eagerly writing these to one another between sessions, during break times and even having to be told that it was lights out and time for bed (other-wise they would have continued all night!)

During Mrs Johnston’s welcome and self-refection activities the girls were asked to write a simile or metaphor on how they feel about Year 10. I will leave you with a sample from one of our girls;

“Year 10 is like a sunburn. You’re relaxing at the beach until you feel like you are getting burnt. You can either apply sunscreen and take initiative by giving yourself a way to succeed or you can burn and not achieve your goals, however you can always heal from your burn and learn from your mistakes, and in the future you are better prepared”.

I’m looking forward to supporting our Year 10’s on their senior schooling journey over the next three years.

Kara Krehlik

Deputy Principal - Students



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