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Celebrating Our 2024 Leaders

Today was a momentous occasion as we celebrated our school leaders at the Rockhampton Girls Grammar School Investiture Ceremonies.

Congratulations to our newly appointed Student Council Leaders and Year 12 Prefects who will guide us through the year with dedication and passion. 🌟


Student Council Leaders:

Year 4: Isabella Zaghini & Maaria Bhorat

Year 5: Savannah Richards & Elle Kirby

Year 6: Alyssa Anderson & Belle Brandon

Year 7: Isla Burridge & Ella Lewis

Year 8: Laine Kelly & Sierra Wyga

Year 9: Ava Hinchcliffe & Kaitori Don

Year 10: Lydia Johnstone & Heidi Priddle

Year 11: Claire Hills & Cadence Wone De Rungs


Year 12 Prefects:

- Tylah Mitchell: Academic Prefect

- Jessica Chapman: Boarding Prefect

- Dale Lewis: Cocurricular Prefect

- Kara-Lee Buckton: Community and Culture Prefect

- Charlotte Carroll: Downs House Prefect

- Georgia Priddle: Paterson House Prefect

- Bethany Dey: Primary Prefect

- Harriet Farrell: Smith House Prefect

- Kelsie Bennett: Student Wellbeing Prefect

- Ella Fort: Williams House Prefect


The two prestigious badges of Office were also presented to our exceptional Head Girls. The yellow gold badge was bequeathed to the School by the first Headmistress - Miss Helen E Downs - to be worn by the Head Prefect during her term of office. This badge has been presented annually since 1939 to the Head Girl that through her diligence, example and sense of community, has reflected the School's all-round intellectual culture.

The Prue McKeague Badge is platinum and was introduced in 1986 in memory of an exemplary 1985 Senior Student who passed during the Christmas holidays of her senior year. This badge is presented to the Head Girl who has gained the respect and affection of members of the school for her happy nature, willingness to help and consideration of others.

Congratulations to our 2024 Head Girls:

- Prue McKeague Prefect for 2024: Georgia Priddle

- Helen E Downs Prefect for 2024: Kara-Lee Buckton


A heartfelt thank you to everyone who joined us, whether in person or via livestream.



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