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Curriculum Catch-Up

This week we have reached the halfway point of Term 3 and assessment block for our girls is just around the corner. I wrote last term about spaced study and the importance of not cramming for examinations. For assignment work the same principles apply. Students are required to submit formal drafts to their teachers. The draft presented should be complete and not a version showing partial progress. In order to provide rich and valuable feedback, a teacher needs to see the intention of a final work. When the process has been followed correctly, any further student work after drafting is minimal. Significant misunderstandings or errors should be picked up through the checkpoint process. Full information about assessment expectations varies across year levels and are available through our assessment policies located on our website.

As you will be aware, Parent Teacher Student interviews scheduled for Term 1 were cancelled when Queensland schools were forced to shut down in the final week of the term. We are pleased to be able to inform our families that Term 3 interviews are scheduled to go ahead. The structure of interviews will however be different due to current COVID restrictions. Core Teachers of Prep to Year six will be available at various times throughout Week 9. Our Year 7 to Year 12 teachers will be available across two sessions after school on Tuesday 8 and Friday 11 September. In order to aid social distancing, teachers will be allocated a room Instead of interviews being held in McKeague Hall. We understand that some parents may not be able to attend face to face interviews so we will make an online option available as well. Teachers are looking forward to the opportunity to be able to meet with you to discuss your daughter’s progress, whether that be face to face or virtually. Further detailed information will be coming in the weeks ahead.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies



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