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Curriculum Catch-Up

The academic diversity of our Girls Grammar girls has been emphasised to me once again this week. Select students from Year 2 to 10 have competed in ICAS tests for Science, Digital Technologies and English. The International Competitions and Assessments for Schools (ICAS) are administered through the University of New South Wales and offer students looking to stretch their academic achievements an opportunity to do so through a series of challenging questions. We look forward to receiving their forthcoming results with an expectation of Credits, Distinctions and High Distinctions. We look forward to seeing if one of our girls can once again be awarded an ICAS medal as the state’s top performer in their subject and year level. We also wish our students the best for the remaining tests of Spelling and Mathematics in the coming week. In the last week, I have also been involved in signing up several Year 10 and 11 girls to school-based traineeships. These girls are starting their journey towards AQF level three qualifications through a combination of theoretical and practical competencies delivered both through academic and paid employment components. They join many of their peers on a journey towards extra qualifications on top of their Queensland Certificate of Education. I have also continued discussions with several Year 10 students about the commencement of their university studies later this year. Successful completion of these studies will give them the knowledge they have already provisionally qualified for entry to their chosen university degree by the start of Year 11. This brings many advantages including the knowledge they are primed to succeed at university level studies. At Girls Grammar, we continue to support our students through whatever pathway they choose whether that be through QCAA curriculum, VET studies, traineeships, apprenticeships or university studies.

Dr John Fry

Deputy Principal - Studies



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