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English and Humanities

Legal Studies

This week, Year 11 Legal Studies students attended the Rockhampton Magistrate’s Court. This excursion has been long anticipated and the students witnessed a variety of cases and received real life experience of a working court. The Magistrate’s Court is where over 90% of all cases are sentenced and have matters resolved. There were many cases involving driving offences, bail applications, and drug misuse and possession. Cases such as the driving offences were quickly dealt with once the defendant pleaded guilty, submissions were given by both the Defence Lawyer and the Police Prosecutor and the Magistrate handed down her sentence. This process was reasonably quick but procedurally quite complex. It was interesting to see the presentation of submissions by the lawyers and the formalities of court proceedings. Finally, we were able to sit in one of the unused Supreme Court rooms where a Bailiff was able to give us some insight into what happens in these higher courts. The girls asked many questions, and it was great to see learning in action.

Christine Read


English and Humanities

This week we say goodbye to another year of teaching our girls to be active and informed members of society. Beyond the usual class topics, the girls enjoyed engaging in investigations that aimed to understand contemporary conflicts.

In English, we learnt about the long-standing social values that we see in classic literature and then reconciled how they may (or may not) be evident in modern media.

We look forward to another year of understanding the world we live in and how to cooperate with the varied people within it.

Katelyn Schultz




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