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Exploring Future Pathways: CQU Representatives Visit Girls Grammar

On the 29 April, our School had the privilege of welcoming representatives from Central Queensland University (CQU) who presented an insightful session on medical opportunities in regional areas. The event featured four representatives along with a current student who shared their knowledge and experiences, enriching our understanding of the diverse educational and career pathways available.

The CQU team provided comprehensive information on various programs such as TAFE, Start TAFE Now (STN), and Start Uni Now (SUN). These programs offer flexible options for students to commence their tertiary education early, allowing them to get a head start on their chosen careers. The representatives emphasised the importance of finding a career that genuinely interests each student, and shared valuable tips on how to navigate this journey.

During the session, the speakers provided booklets and shared personal stories, offering multiple perspectives on the educational paths discussed. One of the key takeaways from the session was the reassurance that not meeting the required ATAR for a desired course is not the end of the road. The representatives highlighted various alternative pathways and workarounds to help students achieve their academic and career goals.

In addition to the formal presentation, the CQU representatives also engaged with students during a lunchtime pop-up stall. This interactive setup allowed students from different classes to seek personalised advice and gain further insights into their areas of interest. The information provided at the stall included details on key events and opportunities that can assist students in making informed decisions about their future careers or exploring new interests.

The primary focus of the CQU visit was on medical opportunities in regional areas. The representatives shared their own experiences and directed students towards valuable resources and advice on pursuing careers in the medical field. This guidance was especially beneficial for students considering a future in healthcare, offering them a clearer picture of the pathways available and the steps needed to achieve their goals.

Overall, the visit from CQU representatives was highly beneficial to all students, regardless of their specific interests in future studies. The session highlighted the affordability and excellence of education at CQU, and underscored the University's commitment to supporting students in achieving their aspirations. We extend our heartfelt thanks to the CQU team for their time and effort in providing such valuable information and guidance.

Veronica Miller-Waugh

Academic Support Officer



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