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Food and Textiles, Hospitality and Textiles Club - Term 2

It has been a busy Term 2 in the Food and Textile and Hospitality Department – from waitressing at the Mother’s Day High Tea to cooking an array of delicious and healthy meals throughout the term.

In Food and Textiles this term, the Year 7 class developed a recipe for a healthy and appealing muffin. This muffin was then baked in class and taste tested by two special guest judges, Mrs Krehlik and Ms Kelly. The girls had a wonderful term in the kitchen cooking a selection of muffin recipes, both sweet and savoury.

The Year 8, 9 and 10 Food and Textiles classes were tasked with developing and preparing a travel meal suitable for service on either a plane, train, or bus. In addition, the meal had to address sustainability in the kitchen. An enjoyable task which was equal parts challenging and rewarding for the girls. Throughout the term the girls were also refining their culinary skills by cooking and serving a selection of healthy and sustainable meals.

In Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students were tasked with critiquing a local café; this saw us loading the minibus and hitting the road to The Coffee Club. The girls ordered food and drink, whilst taking in their surroundings to critique the ambience, décor, service and food and drink quality of the café. This was a definite highlight for the girls this term, they thoroughly enjoyed the experience. In addition to this excursion, the girls were observed and assessed on their practical skills in the kitchen for food and drink service; this included the girls cooking and preparing café style foods and drinks.

The focus of the Textiles club this term was sustainable fabric use and the development of skills in pattern making and drawing; something very knew for some of these girls. This term girls used 100% recycled materials to produce a clutch and a dog bandana.

A big thank you to our Teacher Aide, Ms Rattenbury, for her help and facilitation in the kitchen this term. I look forward to Term 3.

Sammy Cobon

Food and Textiles Teacher



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