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Food and Textiles, Hospitality and Textiles Club Wrap-Up

What a wonderful term in Food and Textiles and Hospitality.

The Year 7 Food and Textiles class focused on food this term. Over the course of the term the girls developed their cooking skills and were tasked with cooking a variety of different muffin recipes. The assessment for this unit is focused around developing a recipe for a healthy and appealing muffin. These muffins were then baked in class, and we were lucky to have Mrs Krehlik, Dr Fry and Ms Kelly attend to be guest taste testers. The girls had a very successful and enjoyable term in the kitchen.

The Year 8, 9 and 10 classes explored all things eggs; expanding their knowledge on egg production systems and their varying levels of sustainability, as well as developing their cooking skills in the kitchen. As part of their assessment this term they were given the challenge of designing and creating a menu item for a café, which highlighted the humble egg. As part of the practical lessons, the girls completed egg assessments on the eggs, which were then used in their cooking. The egg assessments gave the girls an opportunity to evaluate egg freshness and hen stress, based on qualitative data they collected. The girls had an ‘egg-celent’ term, many of them learning completely new information about all thing’s eggs.

Year 11 and 12 Hospitality students were busy over the course of Term 3. The unit of work focused on the concepts of diversity within hospitality, with the assessment challenging the girls to cook a chosen recipe from a cuisine from around the globe. The selected recipe was served at their ‘Multicultural Food Fair’ and allowed the girls to showcase their serving and customer service skills. The cuisines chosen by the girls included Chinese, Americano, Indian, Italian, Australiana and Mexican.

In the Textiles Club this term the girls have been working with the Year 4 class; both the big girls and little girls have thoroughly enjoyed this. The girls were visited by a local wildlife rescue officer and as part of their community service, have been repurposing donated sheets and blankets into joey pouches. It has been a highlight of the term and in total the girls were able to produce six pouches, which were then donated to help the orphaned animals. A thank you to Mrs Vanessa Hemson for her collaboration with this project and facilitating the visit from the joeys.

Sammy Cobon

Food and Textiles and Hospitality Teacher



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