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From Etiquette Dinners to Rugby Finals: Boarding Life Update and Easter Break Plans

Last weekend our Year 12 boarders hosted the Year 12 boarders from St Ursula’s and St Brendan’s for our etiquette dinner. There was fantastic food, dancing and friendships made. The girls had a blast (after they all warmed up).

We are heading into the Easter break, and I am excited about ditching my screens for a bit. For most of us screens are a big part of our work and leisure time, so I am looking forward to the holidays and having the chance to disconnect. This break we have also gone back to keeping the Year 6-9 laptops at school. This will give the girls the opportunity to reconnect with family, friends, and pets.  We have noticed in boarding that many of our girls have become over-reliant on their devices. We hope both families and students enjoy the chance to spend time together and not be disagreeing over what is an appropriate amount of screen time.

This weekend we are looking forward to a break from our studies on Sunday night to head to the rugby field to cheer on our Open Rugby team in the grand final. The girls are very excited about cheering the girls on and staying on to watch the boys play. The Jackson girls will need to move rooms before we head off to the rugby and some of our industrious girls have made a start on packing up their belongings.

Next week we wish our swimmers well as they head to the Secondary School State Championships. We hope to hear some great achievements in the pool for these girls.


Have a fantastic weekend. Good luck to all our athletes in action.

Stacey McCarthy

Head of Boarding



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