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Getting to Know Our School Community

10 Years’ service

Scott Fuller

Mr Scott Fuller is being recognised for 10 years of service to the school. Mr Fuller commenced in August of 2012. He initially worked doing supply teaching before being employed in a variety of full time roles. Those of you who have been at Girls Grammar for a long time will remember Mr Fuller as Head of Primary School. He has also taught Physical Education throughout the primary and secondary schools. During his time as sports coordinator, he introduced the ‘Team of the Week’, which is still recognised on each assembly. His love of the work of author Betty Cosgrove is well known and infectious. Congratulations on your 10 years of service Mr Fuller “You’re the Best”

Matt Cook

Mr Cook has been our go-to man for 10 years now. I think we can all agree that there have been many occasions where we have each been working / typing along and all of a sudden – things go pair shaped. Our laptop shuts down, our internet disconnects, our phone line goes dead …. Who do we call??? Mr Cook.

Not only does he help us with all things I.T, he has contributed enormously to our school musicals, assemblies, Girls Rock performances and many other school events over several years. We have enjoyed many dress-ups and costumes and appreciated many moments when he has provided us with a great laugh.

Thank you for always being so willing to help our students and staff Mr Cook. In the words of one of your favourite characters - ‘May the Fourth be with you’

20 years’ service

Lee Bartlem

Mrs Bartlem is our longest serving current teaching staff member. She started teaching at Girls Grammar at the start of 2001 meaning that she has almost completed 22 years of continuous service to the school. Prior to that she did her University practical placements here under the tutelage of Mrs Dorothy Mulder who herself gave 40+ years of service to the school. Mrs Bartlem has taught hundreds of girls in the English subject area, taking them from building basic skills in the lower secondary school right through to the high-level literary text analysis required for English and Literature Extension in Year 12. It is testament to Mrs Bartlem’s abilities that this very specialist subject was introduced by her and she remains the only teacher who has taught it at our school. All of you who have been taught by her, and many of you who have not, will know her wicked sense of humour and her willingness to share it. Congratulations and thankyou to Mrs Bartlem on your 20+ years of service and dedication to teaching.

David Eyles

When you think of Maintenance, you tend to think of blocked toilets, broken doors, blown light bulbs and pulling weeds in the garden. Not only is our Maintenance Manager, David Eyles, the master of all these jobs, he is also a part of the school grounds itself. We only have to look around our beautifully maintained school grounds to appreciate his hard work, dedication and effort in giving us all a wonderful place to work, learn and grow.

Our school has been built on long standing traditions and ongoing annual events, from Foundation Day to Swimming Carnivals, Race Day to Speech Night, Investiture to Athletics Day, Colours Assembly to Year 12 Formal. These events, as well as many more, could not have occurred over the last 20 years had it not been for Dave’s ongoing commitment and willingness to arrange all things ‘Setup’, often outside of working hours. Our service road will forever be known as ‘Dave’s Drive’.

Maree Fisher

For the last two decades the dining hall here at Girls Grammar has been blessed with a warm, friendly and constant companion, Maree Fisher.

Throughout her years of dedicated service, Maree has not only contributed to the service of food to hundreds of our students, she has also been a wonderful source of stability and provided a strong sense of ‘home’ for many of our girls, particularly our boarders. Her ongoing presence and effort to personally know as many of our students names as possible is a comfort for many parents and families afar, some of whom she has also served through previous generations.

Her infectious laugh can be heard from anywhere around our school grounds, some say it travels as far as Yeppoon! This laugh itself has become entrenched in our school walls and is valued by many.

Today we say a very big congratulations, and thank you, to Maree for everything that you bring to our school.


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